6 easy-to-style fashion cuts for different hair types

Don't think that being able to 'tame' unruly hair is easy to do. Although it seems impossible to do a hairstyle quickly, there are some strategies that facilitate the process, and the key is to choose the shape of the hairstyle that best suits the characteristics of your hair.

We put together 6 very popular cuts that do not require much effort on a daily basis and look wonderful. Check it out and find what suits you best.

1. Bob (for any type of hair)

The haircut called bob is classic and elegant. It is suitable for women with any type of hair and does not need very elaborate hairstyles to look elegant. For more details about it read also Different Types of Bobs and know further.

Among the many varieties of  bob , it is very easy to choose the one that suits you best. Let yourself be guided by the shape of your face:

  • If you have an elongated face, it is worth giving preference to the  bob with thick bangs up to the eyebrow line. This will make the face proportional and help to hide the forehead. In this case, it is best that the length is medium - neither too short nor too long.
  • Round-faced women look good with the bob cut down to the chin. This cut creates the illusion of a more elongated face and hides the rounded aspect on the sides. Do not use straight bangs, as it makes the face shorter.
  • If you have a triangular face, the slightly messy haircut is ideal. The image is more subtle, but it is important that the length is long enough that you do not have to comb constantly.

2. French haircut (for thick and bulky hair)

A characteristic of French hair is volume, so variations do not require a hairstyle. Frizzy and wavy hair also goes well with it.

The cut is often accompanied by an asymmetrical, straight, short or elongated fringe. The bangs help to add volume to the hair.

The French haircut should not be used by those who have:

  • thick neck;
  • protruding cheeks;
  • thin hair.

3. Shag (for fine hair)

Apparently, the  shag looks like simply messy hair. But the important thing is that this cut gives a great volume to the hair, therefore a real salvation for those with fine hair.

The  shag can be used in different lengths: the shorter the hair, the bolder the image. To adjust the cut to the shape of the face, complement it with a fringe:

  • straight and long, for rectangular and elongated faces;
  • diagonally, for triangular faces.

4. Undercut (for any type of hair)

Initially, the  undercut was a masculine cut, with hair shaved on the sides or on the back. But that was in the past. The  undercut is good in everyone, just  choose a variety that suits you:

  • if you are tall and thin, the ideal is to wear a hairstyle to the side;
  • if it is shorter and has a round face, the ideal is to comb the hair back.

The  undercut can be sporty, informal or formal. The cut is not necessarily bold, but it is important that the length suits you. The interesting thing is that it can be used by women of all ages.

5. Pixie (for 'obedient' hair)

The main feature of the pixie is the short strands at the front and longer ones at the back. This cut is more recommended for women with more 'obedient' hair.

The  main advantages of cutting are:

  • gives volume to fine hair;
  • highlights the lines of the face and neck, so it does not usually match with round faces;
  • rejuvenates.

But it does have some drawbacks. First of all, to maintain the hairstyle it needs to be corrected frequently. Second, it makes the ears bigger.

6. Asymmetrical carriage (for stiff and 'obedient' hair)

This cut should be used by those with rough and obedient hair, thin or thick. And it should be avoided by those who have wavy hair.

The main characteristics of asymmetry are:

  • it is suitable for all ages;
  • creates the illusion of thick hair;
  • adapts to any type of face, except the elongated ones;
  • visually reduces the contours of a round face, especially on the sides.

Asymmetry with short hair at the nape, emphasizing the neck lines, is in fashion. But it is recommended only for those with thick hair.

What do you usually do when you don't have time and want to do a different hairstyle? Tell us your strategy!